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Paranormal Praxis




Ghost Hunters of the South (Alabama)
Oxford Paranormal Society (Alabama)
Tuscaloosa Paranormal Research Group (Alabama)
Paranormal Saar (Alaska)
Sonoral Paranormal Investigations (Arizona)
Arkansas Paranormal Research Association (Arkansas)
River Valley Paranormal Research & Investigations (Arkansas)
Arkansas Paranormal & Anomalous Studies Team (Arkansas)
American Paranormal Investigations (California)
Central California Paranormal Investigators (California)
Pacific Paranormal Investigations (California)
Pasadena Paranormal Research Society (California)
Poterville Ghost Society (California)
San Francisco Ghost Society (California)
South Coast Paranormal (California)
Colorado Paranormal Research and Investigations (Colorado)
Frontrange Paranormal Investigations (Colorado)
L.I.F.E. Foundation (Connecticut)
Paranormal Research Society of New England (Connecticut)
Scientific Paranormal (Connecticut)
Daytona Beach Paranormal Research Group (Florida)
Kissimmee Paranormal Investigations (Florida)
Southwest Florida Paranormal Investigations (Florida)
Roswell Georgia Paranormal Investigations (Georgia)
Southern Paranormal Anomaly Research Society (Georgia)
International Paranormal Reporting Group (Idaho)
Illinois Paranormal Research Society (Illinois)
Indiana Ghost Hunting Organization Seeking Truth (Indiana)
Iwoa Paranormal Advanced Research Team (Iowa)
Paranormal Workshop (Iwoa)
Wichita Paranormal Research Society (Kansas)
Southern States Paranormal Research Society (Kentucky)
Louisiana Spirits Paranormal Investigations (Louisiana)
Seekers of Unexplained Louisiana (Louisiana)
Maine Paranormal Society (Maine)
East Coast Research and Investigation of the Paranormal (Maryland)
Cape Ann Paranormal Society (Massachusetts)
New England Paranormal Ghost Investigations (Massachusetts)
Quabbin Valley Paranormal (Massachusetts)
The Upper Peninsula Paranormal Research Society (Michegan)
Minnesota Paranormal Study Group (Minnesota)
Twin Cities Paranormal Society (Minnesota)
Shadowz Paranormal Investigations (Mississippi)
Southern Paranormal Anomaly Research Society (Mississippi)
Sedalia Ghost Hunters (Missouri)
Nebraska Paranormal (Nebraska)
Dark Knights Paranormal (New Hampshire)
South Jersey Ghost Research (New Jersey)
Ghost Investigations New Mexico (New Mexico)
Albany Paranormal Research Society (New York)
Center for Paranormal Investigation (New York)
Long Island Society for Paranormal Research (New York)
Carolina Paranormal (North Carolina)
Haunted North Carolina (North Carolina)
Triangle Paranormal Investigations (North Carolina)
Central Ohio Paranormal Society (Ohio)
Champaign County Paranormal (Ohio)
Paranormal Researchers of Ohio (Ohio)
Insight Paranormal Investigations (Oklahoma)
Clearfield County Paranormal Investigations (Pennsylvania)
Grip Paranormal (Pennsylvania)
Greater Pittsburgh Paranormal Society (Pennsylvania)
South Dakota Paranormal Club (South Dakota)
Hosts & History of Southeastern Tennessee (Tennessee)
Innovative Paranormal Research (Tennessee)
ASUP (Texas)
San Antonio Paranormal Network (Texas)
Texas Spirits Paranormal Investigations (Texas)
Paranormal Investigations Team of Utah (Utah)
Paranormal Investigations of New England (Vermont)
Virginia Paranormal Society (Virginia)
Southern States Paranormal Research Society (Virginia)
Virginia Oldest Paranormal Research Society (Virginia)
Washington State Paranormal Investigations and Research (Washington)
Wausau Paranormal Research Society (Wisconsin)
Paranormal Research Society of Casper (Wyoming)


Cambridgeshire Ghost Research
Clitheroe Paranormal Investigations
Southern Paranormal UK
Supernatural Investigations


Leinster Paranormal


Israel Group of Paranormal Investigators


Ghost Hunters New Zealand


Ghanon: Paranormal Investigators